As a mom, I realize how stressful it is to get the kids to smile and be happy on command. So if the more unpredictable participants are just not going to cooperate and there is no chance of getting a good photograph, we can reschedule at no additional charge.


I want you not to be stressed so that you can enjoy the session as much as possible, keeping in mind that we are trying to capture life’s moments.

Because, I’ve been there!

For example, this is one of my favorite pics of the boys:



I wanted them to sit so pretty and not to be goofy. But, of course, that didn’t work out. Instead, I got something much better! I captured the essence of who they were at that age… goofy monkeys!!! So, even if you think our session is not going well and I am just taking photos of craziness you would just as soon forget, I may be capturing expressions or moments that you will cherish forever… just life caught on camera.

Setting up for success

I realize that you may not always be able to schedule a session for when it is best for your child, but I have found that it works best to schedule a time when little ones have had their nap and their tummies are full, if that is at all possible. You are always welcome to bring snacks or a comfort item if that helps your family!


I truly appreciate the opportunity to capture the special moments of your family.  Thank you for your time and I hope to see your smiling faces in the future.


Book Your Session

Once you've decided on a package that works best for you, check your calendar and book your session! Make sure to plan a day/time that work well for anyone on your side that is involved (especially kiddos).

Get Inspired

If you've seen family photos, senior poses or wedding pictures you love -- make yourself a ``shot list`` to show us beforehand or at your session, and we'll make sure you go home with the photos you were hoping for.

Outfits & Props

We love props, and have so many unique ones to use! If there's a super special item you want included, don't forget to grab it on session day! Ahead of time, try on outfits and make sure you've got the look you want picked out.

Ask Questions

If you're unsure of what to do, bring, or expect -- make sure to ask us ahead of time! We can answer any questions and we like for you to feel comfortable, confident and excited for your pictures.

Prepare the Kids

Of course, with kids, sometimes things just don't go as ``planned``, but you can set yourself up for success by getting naps and snacks in before your session, and by bringing a comfort item if you think it'll help!

Relax & Enjoy!

Photos always come out better when we're relaxed and enjoying ourselves, so try not to worry or feel too pressured during your session. We strive to be flexible and friendly so that you and your family feel at ease the whole time.


Booking with us is easy!


Book your session online today! If you need help, or have any questions please reach out. We are very happy to help you figure out the booking process, find dates, and get your payment handled. Please remember, your session is not fully booked until your $50.00 deposit is received.

Book Your Session Today!